wpe® technology

After over 10 years of research, the pharmacist Christian Sarbach and his teams have developed a new innovative formulation technology that changes the codes of cosmetics.

Fully environmentally friendly, wpe® technology (water plant emulsion) is a manufacturing process using 100 % natural products.

This technology enables cosmetic formulation with very high concentrations of active ingredients for enhanced efficacy while preserving a liquid, light and non-sticky form.

Free from texture agents, and resulting from an ultra-fine mixture of oily ingredients and water, this formula creates micro droplets: les Ultradrops®.


Thanks to wpe® technology, neomist represents a leading-edge anti-ageing care brand with the invention of a new category of multifunctional cosmetic products: The CREAM-SERUM.

Rich and soothing like an ointment acting at the heart of the cells.

Fluid and intense as a serum which will instantly seep into the epidermis.

neomist CREAM-SERUM are powerful beauty products made from a blend of carefully selected active ingredients that respect the nutritive needs of the skin and whose efficacy has been proven.


The novel CREAM-SERUM texture is called tri-substance. Its unique feature is to be 100 % active for the skin.

Its texture instantly melts into the core of your epidermis to revitalise it from the inside and provide it with all the benefits of the active ingredients.

You first feel the freshness of the water, then the wellbeing from the cream as you apply it and finally, the soft touch of the serum.

Tri-substance is a unique sensory experience for the skin resulting in total wellbeing.


Many women who would like to perfume their hair do not allow themselves this treat because of alcohol, solvents or texture agents which will attack and weaken their hair..

Dual action scented hair care mist provides an endless source of hydration, nutrition and protection for hair, whilst enveloping it in a scented cloud of well-being.

An exceptional texture for immediate absorption and hair that is soft to the touch.

Formulated with wpe® technology, the fragrances of the Hair Care Mist have been carefully selected for being synergistic with the active ingredients, revealing the beauty of hair in an exceptional way.


neomist CREAM-SERUM treatments make a women’s life easier with a simple, unique and efficient beauty routine in a single step.

Our Commitment


Our beauty products are supported by research by scientific experts and are developed according to pharmaceutical standards.


Our products are Made in France with a latest-generation preservation system. Our formulas are tested and approved by dermatologists.


Our ingredients and raw materials are free from animal products. Our natural active ingredients are carefully selected.


The ultradrops® adapt to each epidermis. Thanks to their optimised penetration and their richness in active ingredients, only a small amount of product is necessary at each application.

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